Why A Limb May Look Deformed
Any limb going out of shape could be described as a deformity in simple terms. Some individuals are born with deformed limbs and continued to adulthood. And some develop deformity as a result of injury or other acquired diseases of the skeleton.

What Are The Reasons For Deformed Limbs?
There are genetic predispositions in certain individuals to develop abnormal looking limbs. They are born with these. Some of them can be corrected and some of them can be made to be usable.

Some young ones have poor quality bone formation where the bone cannot maintain its normal shape. There for the limb will look deformed.

As a result of disease processes affecting joints, the limb may get deformed. Knee deformities are seen in severe osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

You are likely to have a deformed limb if your fracture has been treated with native medication in Sri Lanka. This is commonly seen in children after native treatment for fractures near elbow joint. Adults may also have similar treatment failures to end up in deformed limbs. The reason behind this is the bone has not healed in keeping with the normal shape of the bone.

Short Limbs

Either upper or the lower limb could be short. Upper limb shortening can be compensated to some degree with forward movement of the shoulder of the affected side. This is not possible with lower limb shortening as it is evident as a limp when you work. There are many common reasons for a limb to become short. You will limp if one leg is short.

1. If the bones of one limb have a reduced growing speed, the affected side appears short

2. When there is a dislocation of a joint

3. A fracture and fracture treatment can also reduce the length

4. Stopping of growth of one bone

You will stand one knee little bent if your other leg is short.

Knocked Knees And Bow Legs

When your knees are too closer to each other they will knock together when you walk. Or they could be far apart and your legs will look bowed. If you leave alone both of these deformities, it is likely that the joints will develop arthritis.

Injury And After Injury Conditions

Your limb will look grossly deformed after injury. Different types of fixations are done to get back to normal alignment. The devices used could be either under the skin or outside the skin when there is a wound over the broken part of the bone.

In some cases the bone may heal with an abnormal alignment. It may not heal at all but the bony pieces stay connected with non-bony tissues. You will feel the limb is not strong enough to put on weight and it goes to a side upon walking.

Injuries around knee and hip joint are likely to end up with deformed legs. The bony fragment may fail to maintain alignment during fracture treatment if the injury is complex.

How Can We Help You?

We are equipped with latest technology and treatment options for this type of problems where any of the listed problems have affected your limb lengths. If you want them corrected, please contact us to see if we can help you.

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