Your hip joint needs replacement when it cannot help you to walk comfortably. Osteoarthritis of the hip, hip fracture, decaying of the ball of the hip joint and when the joint is not developed properly cause severe pain in the hip and walking disability. In addition to this, rheumatoid arthritis can fuse the joint surface and make it solid, allowing no movement. In severe form of arthritis and fractures, the leg becomes short. You will walk with a limp. There are rare occasions where failed hip fracture treatment requiring total hip replacement.

Why Would You Need A Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement will

1. Relieve your pain.

2. If your legs looked like the picture, replacement will straighten your legs.

3. Improve range of knee motion

4. Improve how you walk

5. Cut down the need for pain killers thereby reducing the side effects and saves money.

6. Be no longer disabled/handicapped

7. Be able to move with the rest of the crowd

8. Be independent.

9. Prevent the other knee becoming arthritic

10. Reduce your clinic visits/consultation requirement.

11. And many more benefits

Can Not The Medication Cure This?

Never ever. In fact, if your knees already look like this, I would say it is too late that you should get them replaced. There are many expensive so called cartilage growing tablets, oils, milk powders, pastes and injections which are extensively marketed and advertised in newspapers, television and other media. None of them will help you. You may have realized this if you have already used these fake products. No one should wait until your legs look like this.

Other anti-inflammatory medication will help to reduce joint swelling and relieve pain as long as the medication is taken. Pain will come back when the action of the drug is not available.

What About Injections ? Any Help ?

This is again of temporary help only. It will not give a cure. PRP injection may help at a very early stage of the disease. When it comes to moderate to severe arthritis, it has a little help.

Is Knee Replacement A Major Operation ?

Yes. It is a major operation.

What Kind Of Anaesthesia Is Used For This Procedure ?

It could be either general anaesthetic where you will be put in to sleep. It could be spinal type of anaesthetic where your legs are numbed. Please read anaesthetics for lower limb surgery.

What Do You Do In This Surgery ?

Your knee will be cut opened. The damaged inner linings of the joint will be cut off. And then matching metal surfaces will be fixed with bone cement. The gap between the bones will be filled with a plastic liner. The skin will be closed. You may have a draining tube inserted.

How Will It Look Like

Before & After

How Will It Look Like

Both lower limbs curved at knees / Straight left limb after surgery

Will There Be A Blood Loss ?

There will be about 100ml of blood loss during the operation. Drain may collect about 125ml after the operation. This could be valiable.

Is It Painful ?

Pain is well controlled during and after the operation with latest methods of pain treatments. You do not have to worry about this. There will be little discomfort but this will gradually improve as the days go by.

Will I Be Bedridden For Months ?

No. not at all. We are very rude. We will get you off bed next day morning. You are supposed to sit on a chair. We will start knee bending physiotherapy. You are supposed to stand with a help of a walking frame.You will be asked to walk few steps, climb few stairs before you go home.

When Can I Go Home ?

It is usually a three night stay for a regular patient. The drain will come out before discharge.

What Should I Do At Home ?

You will need to continue medication as directed. You need to follow knee physiotherapy at home. You ll taught what to do at home.

When Can I Have A Shower ?

Your wound will be checked at one week after the operation. If clips were used to close the wound, they will be removed at two weeks after the operation.

When Is The First Clinic Visit ?

We will recommend you not to wet the wound before the clips are removed. You may have a shower with the operated leg covered with a waterproof cover. Having a shower after two weeks is not a problem.

When Can The Other Knee Be Replaced ?

It can be done at the same go if your both knees are really bad. However we can wait three months before doing the next.

Any Special Food I Need To Take ?

You are supposed to have your regular usual meals. Nothing special needed if you are otherwise healthy. There is no unhealthy food that should not be taken after this operation.

When Can I Drive My Car ?

You may drive when you are comfortable. We would recommend not to drive, ride bicycles until after eight weeks

When Can The Other Knee Be Replaced ?

It can be done at the same go if your both knees are really bad. However we can wait three months before doing the next.

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