We would like to see your fracture heal with the very first mode of treatment. And to see you are back to normal as early as possible; of course to see you walk.

Unfortunately things may not go very smoothly as we want them to. There could be some problems arising as we go along the ladder of fracture treatment. These are technically termed complications of fracture healing. At this time your doctor might consider moving to plan B if the plan A is not working.

Why Would It Not Heal?

Some fractures are known to show poor healing. This is commonly seen in fractures of the humerus; for an example. If the fracture did not have a proper immobilization, if you put on weight pre maturely, if there are many fragments of the fracture, or if there is a wound over the fracture site , the normal healing process may be delayed or the fracture will fail to unite. Repeated surgical procedures of the same site may also reduce healing capacity of bone.


Any operation performed on you has a 2% risk of infection. Similarly any orthopaedic related operation can get infected. It is very difficult to say why it got infected. However there are circumstances which might make you prone for infection. For example, if you had a wound at the time of injury, severe tissue injuries or if you are having medical problems like diabetes. Infection of the soft tissues will recover. However if the bone is infected, then it is difficult to control infection. Some of the pieces of bone may have to be removed.

Metal Work Failure

Metal work/hardware used to fix the fracture may fail before the fracture heals. Screws may break off, come out, dislodge. Degree of correction, putting on weight, poor quality implants, quality of bone and re-injury are few common reasons.

Mislead By Specialist Native / Traditional Medicine Physicians

It is very likely that you are going to encounter problems when you are taking treatment from the above named group of care providers, for a complex injury.

How Can We Help You?

We are equipped with latest technology and treatment options for this type of problems where the first treatment had failed. If you are struggling more than three months with your present treatment with no positive outcome, we may be able to help you.

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