Complex fractures are the ones sustained after high speed motor traffic accidents. The victims of the accident sustain a spectrum of injuries. Some people are unfortunate that they sustain deadly injuries and pass away on the spot. Some will sustain life threatening injuries and will undergo emergency operations and will survive. Few of them will still fail to survive. Some will sustain limb injuries which range from minor soft tissue damage to severe bone injuries. Few others will get up and walk away from the scene of injury.

Many of these fractures are associated with a wound over the fracture site. Therefore they have a high chance of wound infection, likely muscles around the bone, nerves lying nearby and blood vessels are too injured. Some bones are broken at more than one place and each piece is fragmented. Sometimes a segment or a piece of bone is lost at the place of injury.

This type of fractures cannot be fixed with internal metal work as described in adult simple fracture care. Definitive fracture fixation should wait complete recovery of tissues around the fracture site. This will take 2-3 weeks. During this period the limb will be fixed to an external metal frame which helps to maintain length of the limb and help to carry our wound care and reconstruction of soft tissue covers. Plastic surgeons will help in this regard. During the period of wound care, dead pieces of bone are removed and some are trimmed out to facilitate wound healing.

Definitive reconstruction of the limb (Specially lower limb) needs expert care and very dedicated specialised operating skills which we are capable of providing. We use a bone reconstructive system called Ilizarov and other forms of limb reconstruction equipment to achieve target correction.

What Can Be Treated With This Method? Please Check Below Diagrams For Clarification.

1. Segmental loss of bone (Lower End)

2. Complex fractures

3. Non healing fractures

4. Fractures with a wound

5. Firearm injuries/trap gun injuries

6. Short limbs

7. Bone loss at Upper end

8. Misaligned lower limbs

9. Long standing bone infections

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