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orthopedic tourism

A wast range of Elective orthopaedic procedures can be arranged for your orthopaedic needs ranging from knee and hip joint Replacemt to limb deformity correction, at a reasonable cost. This will be much cheaper to the cost you have to bear in an European country. This facility will be soon available once Covid-19 eases off. Please email your details to chandanahm@yahoo.com

Client Testimonials
  • My leg was broken in a tea plantation. After flying from Colombo to Paris (no problems at all), I arrived at home last Sunday.I saw the French'doctor this week and told me you did a very good job, yourself and your team.. I would like to tell you thousand thank you for your work and your team as well.Thank you, thank you... Congratulation. You can be very prouf of you... Like I told you before, you are a Superman... Encore merci (in french) and all the best for you and your team.

    Guillaume Playoust - France
  • I am writing to you to tell you about a complement that was paid to you by an orthopaedic doctor in Whipps Cross Hospital where I'm attending the fracture clinic following on from my fall and broken ankle in Sri Lanka. I had the full cast removed yesterday and Xrays and then was fitted with a boot and crutches (for the next six weeks I think).

    He looked at the x rays and commented on the excellent job you had done. The implanted pins were fine etc.etc.Needless to say I was very happy at the time despite my original reservations about having the op when in Nuwara Eliyia. I will always be grateful for your professionalism, your skills, manner and after care. Yours sincerely Margaret Hope Haq

    Margaret Hope Haq - England
  • I stayed three days at hospital where the care was excellent. Doctor CHEDANA HERATH came and see me before and after the surgery. He asked me how I was feeling .Medical staff was attentive to my well-being too.As the Doctor said to me, I got pain just for one day. The day after the surgery I felt better, without pain.

    However, I had to stop my travel and came back to France. After checking for my safety, the Doctor agreed with my decision. He prepared a detailed report for my GP in France and gave some recommendations for my journey intended for flight staff.Since my coming back to France, Doctor CHANDANA HERATH hears from me regularly. I was very well attended by Doctor CHANDANA HERATH and his staff.

    I deeply appreciated his kindness, its human approach to its patients and especially his professionalism and the health care. Among all my misfortune, I was very lucky to meet him. I ‘m looking forward to going back to Sri Lanka, and I would like to thank the person who take care for me, just for courtesy, Doctor CHANDANA HERATH

  • I want to tell about meeting Dr Chandana Herath HM.
In August 2014 while on holiday in Sri Lanka at the hotel I slipped on the footpath, fall down and turn my ankle. It was X-rayed in the nearby hospital. It turned out that I fractured my ankle. The next few days I spent at hospital in Kandy where I met local physicians. 
The operation was made by Dr Chandana Herath. Quickly, efficiently, and in a very friendly atmosphere. As I was later told by the Russian doctors, Dr Chandana Herath did the job perfectly. I liked his caring attitude and willingness to help after the surgery. Chandana Herath helped and further, for example, gave us a phone interpreter, and a week later organized the dressing, although he was already in another city.
I am very pleased to express my gratitude to Dr Chandana Herath HM. I appreciate the help he gave me. Thank you, doctor!

    Olga - Russia
  • During our group trip to Sri Lanka, Josette fell in a temple; Fall caused by a small walk in a badly lit place, in the evening around 7 pm. Immediately Josette was taken in charge by a friend of our group who is a doctor and transported to the hospital of Kandy in Touktouk.

    Upon arriving at the Josette Hospital was seen by a doctor in the emergency department to perform first aid and an X-ray of the wrist and told us she had a fracture of her wrist and head laceration. The fracture and the laceration were

    treated by Dr. Chandana Herath at the operating room. He placed a plaster on the left forearm and took care for the head injury. The intervention was carried out successfully in the night and early in the morning Dr. Herath visited Josette to grant her exit.

    Back in France, we consulted a general practitioner who welcomed the good healing and then the visit to the orthopedist, showed with the help of an x-ray the quality of the operation. Today Josette can use her arm painlessly.

    In conclusion Dr Chandana Herath did an excellent job recognized by French specialists and I must add that we were well received in the hospital. Besides, Doctor Handana is a sympathetic man, adventurous, knowing perfectly his trade.

    Josette - France