Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle Surgery

There is a wide variety of foot and ankle problems which are seen in adults. We could help you to correct the following common foot problems and many more.

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1. Big toe deformity correction (Hallux Valgus Correction)

2. Lesser toe deformity correction (Hammer/Mallet toes)

3. In Growing toe nails

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Mid Foot

1. Flat foot and Curved foot

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Back of the Foot

1. Treatment for Heel pain (medical and surgical)

1. Treatment for Heel cord pain and repair surgery for broken heel cord

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1.Ankle deformity correction

2.Nerve release surgery for tarsal tunnel syndrome

3.‘Toe Walking deformity correction

4.Injection therapy

5.Clubfoot corrective surgery

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Diabetic Foot Care

1. Ulcer prevention education

2.Ulcer prevention surgery

3.Charcot foot deformity correction

4.Custom foot orthotics and footwear advice

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Sports and feet

Shoe guides for athletes, joggers

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Arthritis of foot and ankle

Medical treatment.

Surgical joint fusion surgery for deformity correction

Ankle joint fusion

Below ankle joint fusion