Femur fracture

Bone in the thigh

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What are the sites of femur fracture ?

Fracture of the femur can occur ain three locations; around the hip joint, middle part of the bone and near the knee joint. An Xray will show the fracture.

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How could this be treated ?

All fractures of the femur heal without operation in children. The leg has to be immobilised with a weight attached to the leg. . It takes about 4-6 weeks. However, keeping a child on a bed for 4-6 weeks is not an easy thing to do. Moving the child and hygienic procedures become highly inconvenient. The bone may be set in unacceptable positions. The joint can become stiff.

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What is the treatment for this injury ?

Treatment for wrist injury is simple. Simple cracks need plaster support for three weeks. Fractures with displacement will require manipulation under a general anaesthetic to correct the displacement. And then it is secured with a plaster of Paris half cast.

There is a yet another type of fracture which will not remain in corrected position. This will need a pin/plate fixation.

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Is operation a better option ?

Yes. If these fractures are operated and fixed, the child will be immediately pain free. The child can be sent home in coupe of days. There are hardly any chances of shortening of the leg and bone setting in an unacceptable way. These are very good advantages of the operation.

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Are these serious operations?

These all are minor procedures done under a general anaesthetic. Plates and screws, small metal rods are some of the implants used. These need to be removed after the fracture heals. Any remaining residual deformity will be corrected automatically. Only few will need corrective surgery.

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Can you name few complications of operation ?

These operations are usually complication free.